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TW*T: The Grand Illusion of Teenage Fantasy TW*T: The Grand Illusion of Teenage F..., 2017, 12 min
Daniel Hill, James Henderson Daniel Hill, James Henderson Daniel Hill, James Henderson
Southampton, United Kingdom
A teenage house party gets wildly out of hand, told in the style of a film noir
Comedy Experimental Independent Noir Romance Teen
Destiny Destiny, 2017, 14 min
azar faramarzi azar faramarzi azar faramarzi
It's about a fish breeding worker who ,,,,,,,
Algo do que fica Algo do que fica, 2017, 23 min
Translation: The Little We Keep
Benedito Ferreira Benedito Ferreira Benedito Ferreira
Goiânia, Brazil
A realistic movie about the Cesium 137 accident in Goiânia
Art-house Drama
Telepathic Manifesto Telepathic Manifesto, 2017, 48 min
Ana Luisa Lacorte, Diana María González, Eusebio Bañue... Javier Toscano
Experimental film on telepathic processes.
Documentary Experimental Independent
Ma.Po. Ma.Po., 2017, 14 min
Vijay KKhairnar Vijay KKhairnar Vijay KKhairnar
Pune, India
Short film on life of Police
Enslaved by loneliness Enslaved by loneliness, 2017, 14 min
Chennai, India
ENSLAVED BY LONELINESS is family drama about a loving elderly couple who yearn for the love of their son & grand children and how everyone must treat the second childhood of human lives.
Drama Family Independent Reality Romance
Noise Noise, 2017, 7 min
Carmine Cristini Carmine Cristini, Luc Beloix
Rome, Italy
What happens in Italy when police tortures you every day for no reason
Action Art-house Drama Experimental
Mamma Mamma, 2017, 29 min
Ulf Lundin Magnus Karlsson
Alingsås, Sweden
A film about my mother´s dementia and how that affects our relationship.
Documentary Experimental Family Medical
Chronicles of Religious Persecution in China Chronicles of Religious Persecution i..., 2017, 59 min
Jason Jia, Timothy Yang Timothy Yang
Seoul, Korea
This is a documentary about the Chinese Communist government’s flagrant encroachment of the religious freedom and human rights of Chinese Christians.
Asian Documentary Experimental Religious
À l'aveugle À l'aveugle, 2017, 8 min
Translation: Blindly
François Saintin, Valérian Denis François Saintin, Valérian Denis François Saintin, Valérian Denis
Paris, France
un jeu à deux balles
Drama Thriller
Brittany Flex Watts: A Bodybuilder's Story Brittany Flex Watts: A Bodybuilder's ..., 2017, 30 min
Dominic Anaya Dominic Anaya
West Palm Beach, Florida, United States
A Bodybuilder's endeavor to win at her first Pro show.
Documentary Reality Short Sport Women
Bidhir bidhan Bidhir bidhan, 2017, 25 min
sayan dhar sayan dhar sayan dhar
kolkata, International
its a childhood love story
Action Adventure Children Comedy Documentary Drama
Muskaan Muskaan, 2017, 2 min
Rukmaji Sagar Rukmaji Sagar
mumbai, India
Its a story based on cleanliness
Drama Short Silent
The lost on the border The lost on the border, 2017, 72 min
BIJAN ZAMANPIRA, Jamal Hashemi Jamal Hashemi
The story is about a few journalist that going to Shingal and see the Kurdish Izadi y
Documentary TV War Women
Un homme ordinaire Un homme ordinaire, 2017, 9 min
Translation: An ordinary man
Samantha Babboni Samantha Babboni
Noisy-le-Grand, France
One ordinary night like others, Daryl misses his bus. He will have to make choices during this uncommon journey.
Action Black Drama Foreign Language French Independent
The Last Room The Last Room, 2017, 7 min
Thomas Lim Kieko Suzuki, Thomas Lim Thomas Lim
Tokyo, Japan
There is a myth that in every hotel in Japan, the owners always leave a last room. A room that nobody will stay in: for the ghosts.
Horror Murder Mystery
Asylum Park Asylum Park, 2017, 19 min
Shanu Sharma Shanu Sharma Shanu Sharma
Berlin, Germany
A chance meeting in a park in Berlin proves to be fortuitous for two strangers, faced with uncertainty of their immigrant status and scraping circumstances.
Asian Black Experimental Gay and Lesbian Independent Women
|0| |0|, 2017, 9 min
Lukasz Wozniakowski Łukasz Woźniakowski Łukasz Woźniakowski
Warsaw, Poland
This is a film about a modern-day Prometheus who offers a man caught up in the rat-race a moment to reflect on things we often forget in our daily hustle and bustle.
Art-house Children Crime Documentary Experimental Fantasy
12:23 12:23, 2017, 12 min
Sudipta Dash Sudipta Dash Sudipta Dash
Kolkata, India
A confused teen writer, who experiences abnormal incidents at night, tries to find out the reason behind such unnatural events.
Experimental Mystery Science Fiction Short Student Thriller
Cosmophonic Fantasia Cosmophonic Fantasia, 2017, 14 min
Adam Paroussos Adam Paroussos.
Cosmophonic Fantasia is predominately a musique concrète film in three movements which explores the metaphysical and expressive nature of sound.
Art-house Documentary Experimental Independent Music Video Short