MVP Pictureworks, Inc.

Washington, DC based Producer/Director/DP/Editor-MVP Pictureworks, Inc. Full turn key or individual television production services to the broadcast, corporate, government and international clients. HD Packages/Jib/Lighting/Full Final Cut Edit Suite.

Corporate Comms.: Entrepreneur of the Year
TV Commercials: Tractor Supply
TV Documentaries: Betty Ford:The Real Truth
Listed under: Crew
Production Services
Operating in: United States (District of Columbia, Virginia)

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Fun, energetic and involved, is how we approach each project. Whether it's a simple interview or a large scale production. No Diva's here. We're highly committed and involved people.

PRE PRODUCTION: We offer full logistics, management and budgeting services to make sure that you are profitable.

PRODUCTION: We offer HD Packages/Jibs/Prompters/Sound Techs/Crews/Lighting Packages. SONY F3/Zeiss lens package with NanoFlash!!!

POST: We offer a full Final Cut Edit Suite located in a serene, peaceful nature setting. (NOT A CAVE)

Over 25 years of broadcast, corporate, government and commercial work.