Sculpting, moulding, casting, prosthetics, make up fx and prop making. No job too small.

Feature Films: Darkshadows, Prometheus, World War Z
Listed under: Props & Wardrobe
Operating in: United Kingdom ()

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Thomas Smith

4 Hillingdon hill


UB10 0JB

Tel: 07769331697



I’m a fast and efficient worker that likes to get stuck in and tends to work best when there’s a lot to be getting on with, though I always find something to do if there is down time, cleaning or making sure things are back in the right place. Long hours are not a problem as when I’m not creating things at work I’m working on my own projects when I get home so I’m always happy as long as I’m busy.


I would say my main skills are found in Prop manufacture and prosthetics, finding or creating parts that fit with a props overall look is satisfying and prosthetics allows the creativity of sculpting, painting or hair application to bring a piece to life. I’ve also had a lot of experience in casting and moulding in different materials which I find useful when working in a large team as you can take each stage of a project into consideration when working rather than only concentrating on one area.


Work History

2nd Art Director

(May 2013)

Twizzle – Maniac (music video)

44 productions


Organising set decoration and props for the shoot, rigging and set up.


Art department

(April 2013)

Snoop Dogg – Flip it (music video)

Soup factory


Set decoration and atmospherics as well as light rigging and props.



Junior model maker

(Sept – Dec 2012)

Prop Shop

James Enright: 01753 785133


This entailed working on a number of highly detailed replica Aston Martin DB5’s from Skyfall, poly carving props for both TV and film, fabrication and rigging of a 1:1 scale cockpit, fabrication of prop shops 3d printing exhibition and a number of other detailing and finishing jobs for film use. Most jobs were working in a team of 3 or 4 whereas sculpting and small prop work was done individually.


Key Skills

·         Poly sculpting for TV and film use

·         Fabrication of large set pieces from scale drawings

·         Finishing of hero props

·         Sourcing identical parts needed from reference shots

·         Rigging on site of large scale sets

·         Spraying and assembling small scale parts for props

·         Hot wire work

·         Brass fabrication (joints and hinges)


Makeup artist

(Aug – Aug 2012)

Resident evil 6 trailer


Taken on to do hero make up and prosthetic application for Ubisoft’s new resident evil 6 trailer


Key Skills

·         Zombie and wound make up for hero characters

·         Creation and application of prosthetics and costume

·         Record keeping for continuity

·         Communicating well with other members of the team









Art manufacturer

(Jan – Aug 2012)

Circulum art services

Chris Welch: 07974380137


Producing high quality interior design pieces from a mixture of different materials including plaster, resins, fillers and fibreglass


Key Skills

·         Fabrication of large and small scale moulds in fibreglass

·         Casting effectively around armatures and other internal workings

·         Detailing and finishing interior design pieces for high end companies

·         Creating new lightweight mixes for new products

·         Use of fillers and pigments in casting

·         Rapid casting and finishing


Prosthetic trainee

(Jul – Oct 2011)

Dark shadows

Kristyan Mallett: 07733334446


Key Skills

·         Knotting and punching human, mohair and other animal hairs

·         Accurate and efficient Mixing of foams silicones and plastics (1630,J-foam,body double, silastic ,baldies, plat gel, fast cast etc.)

·         painting and finishing soft and hard props and prosthetics for screen use

·         measuring and fittings for cast

·         Moulding and casting bodies and prosthetics


Mould Maker/Workshop Assistant

(March – May 2011)

Creation Workshop

Bill: 07960377141


Key Skills

·         Making moulds from hero props (wood, towelling, fibreglass and silicone)

·         Finishing and detailing pieces for film use

·         Working with a team to create accurate large scale casts of props

·         Working out ratios and volumes of moulds for casting multiple large scale props

·         Re-sculpting missing parts for degraded props


Makeup and SFX

(May – Jul 2010)

Locker room                                                     

Pete Richmond: 07444372912


Key Skills

·         Manufacturing smash plastic pieces for live work

·         Fast make up application

·         Moulding and casting of props




Sep 2008     University of Hertfordshire

May 2011    Character Creation And Special Effects


Sep 2006    Bury college

May 2008    3D design-grade-C /political Philosophy-grade-B /Psychology-grade-C


Sep 2001     Wardle High School

May 2006   9 A*-C G.C.S.E