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Type: TV
Location: New York
Salary: No Pay Reimbursement of travel expenses
Duration: August 26 and August 30

Delt is an hour-long independent pilot shooting in NYC August 26 - September 8.

Delt is the story of a schizophrenic member of a polarizing fraternity on a prestigious college campus.

Delt will be shot in a POV 'Ghost' Handheld style.

Delt will be submitted to various independent pilot festivals and feature festivals. The project will have a thorough guerilla marketing plan.

We are looking for actors as extras to play background. We are looking for an 'Ivy League Greek Life' mold.

These roles are unpaid. These roles could lead to future paid employment.

There are TWO DIFFERENT DAYS for extras:

1) August 26: partygoers at a fraternity party. (as well as fraternity pledges being 'hazed')

2) August 30: college students in a classroom.

AUGUST 26 will be at an Airbnb with an indoor pool in Brooklyn. This will be a long day of shooting multiple scenes. We will essentially be throwing a real party and recording the scenes weaving through this party. We will be recording a day party at the pool during the day and a social (fraternity/sorority mixer) at night throughout the living room and rest of house. We may ask you to do just one or both. There will be FREE BEER AND FOOD for the entirety of the day. If you are invited to both day and night events, you will need to bring a change of clothes/costume with you. If you are invited to be a hazed pledge, you will have required clothing/costume.

AUGUST 30 will be at a classroom in Manhattan. This will be a 4-hour shoot from 11am-3pm. You will be a college student listening to a lecture when two lead roles walk in and sit. You will be required to bring a backpack and notebook.

We are looking to actors to be as they are and be in character universally. We are not asking you to stand in the background, we want you to be a part of the party. That is, due to the style of shooting, say, at the party scene it is quite possible you will be featured by the camera and have dialogue made to final cut. (The camera will be roaming on this real party and not angling on just scripted happenings).

Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you

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A) Daytime / Night Social Partygoer (9/26)

B) Hazed Pledge (must be male) (9/26)

C) College Classroom Students (9/30)

(All of these calls are for college-looking actors).
18 25 both
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