Retro 80s Video Shoot

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Type: Music Video
Location: Collingswood, NJ
Salary: Paid $60/3 hours
Duration: 3 hours

The band RETROGLYPHS is a synthwave band from Collingswood New Jersey. RETROGYLPHS music is inspired by the art and culture of the 80s, and their music videos aspire to capture the nostalgia of that era. The band has already shot the main bulk of their music video, but has decided to include additional scenes that include a female actor. This is a one location shoot that will take about 3 hours. This is a paid gig. The actor does not have to be a professional dancer, but must be able to mimic some classic 80s dance moves for short cuts during the video. Owning some 80s style clothing is a bonus.

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Post a casting
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Apply now retro fan girl
18-30 year old retro fan girl who digs 80s music and has some 80s style. The additional scenes needed for the video include a female actor who discovers an old VHS tape and puts it into a VCR machine to uncover this long lost classic 80s dance music video. Additional scenes include profiling the actor watching the video as well as dancing to it.
18 33 female
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