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Type: Other
Location: New York
Salary: No Pay Will provide local travel expenses
Duration: October 23rd and/or Oct 30th or Nov 6th

I am taking a Director’s Workshop with Austin Pendleton at HB Studios and would like to have two female actors perform a scene from a feature narrative that I wrote called In the Dark.

I would like to hold one rehearsal during the week of October 15th and have the class performance on October 23rd and/or Oct 30th.

HB Studios is located at 120 Bank St, New York, NY, and the class is held on Mondays from 6:30 to 9:30.

I will eventually be casting for these two roles for the feature production, so perhaps something could work out. For now, the performance is mainly for the class activity. The actors are invited to stay for the entire class or can leave after the performance.

Post a casting
Post a casting
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A Caucasian reporter for the New York Times, she returns to South Africa, her native country, to cover the story of the brutal gang rape of an eight-year-old girl. Back in South Africa after twenty-seven years of distance, she is confronted with people of her past life, whose presence prompt her to remember her own childhood trauma. She is a chain-smoker, an alcoholic, and a regular user of prescription medication. She is an addict in many ways, including with her work, seemingly having a bi-polar personality, with extreme highs and rushes of passion and extreme lows that include blackouts and incessant alcohol use.
38 45 female
Nina’s mother, an aristocrat from old-school South Africa. She resides on her wealthy ranch with her husband. She is obsessed with keeping things, in a superficial sense, neat and organized and lives within a set pattern, terrified that any little push will make everything fall apart around her. Cold and isolated, she doesn’t have close relationships with her children and is distant with other people in her life. She discovered her husband was molesting Nina as a child and did her best to cover it up -- sending her children away to boarding school, going on with her life, and pretending it never happened. When Nina’s memories come back to her, Anjenette is forced to confront her daughter and defend her actions all those years ago.
65 70 female
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