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Type: Online
Location: Remote
Salary: No Pay Negotiable

we are building is a new company, called Master Jingle, selling royalty free music through our website, which will be online by July 2017. We are a Business to Business company, which means that the majority of our clients are advertisers and other companies, which use our products for the sound recording of documentaries, apps, games, television series, corporate videos, publicity, facebook videos, YouTube etc.
Currently we are recruiting composers and collecting the music for our library.
We would like to build a human corporation, where the composers will be the core of our activity. We are working with composers from all over the world to create a special music library and to offer a high quality alternative in an extremely competitive market. We believe that we can be different through a business model based on inclusion, exchange and compassion. To make this, we also believe it's necessary to offer fair economic conditions, a transparent corporate policy, a direct communication and free creation possibilities for the composers who want to work with us. We like to take care of every single composer and choose every single track together with them.

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