Unpaid Administrative Assistant Internship

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Type: Other
Location: Marian Del Rey, CA
Salary: No Pay Unpaid Internship
Duration: Available immediately - TBD

Administrative Assistant Internship
Voyage, an Entertainment company in Marina del Rey, seeks an innovative and enthusiastic individual who is interested in learning more about developing and packaging Film/TV/Web projects to take to market and the inner workings of company work flow, client management, and administrative functions. This position is well suited for a self-driven, creative, and out of the box thinker who is solution oriented and comes prepared with a plan to tackle problems. This position will report directly to the Operations Manager and Development Coordinator as well as work closely with our producers. This is an unpaid internship that can be applied towards school credit. The position requires a minimum of 16 hours per week (beginning immediately). Candidates must be available Thursday mornings from 10am-12pm for the company’s weekly meetings. This position also requires you to bring a personal laptop.
Internship dates: (starting immediately) – TBD

Daily Responsibilities:
• Report to the Voyage Media Operations Manager and Development Coordinator
• Assist in scheduling meetings with clients, staff, and producers
• Assist producers with run-throughs/Originals department
• Understand the company vision and think “big picture”

Preferred Skills:
• Experience working with Executives a plus
• Strong sense of attention to detail/Anticipation
• Strong sense of development; script coverage, strategic assessment of materials
• Familiar with Google Drive/excel spreadsheets
• Critical thinking skills/think fast on your feet

This position is a good fit for someone who
• Wants to develop an understanding of how a business is developed and an office is run
• Can communicate effectively with executives
• Sees themselves in a small office setting working independently and with a small team
• Wants to learn more about the creative development process for Film/TV
Past Intern Testimonials

My internship experience at Voyage Media is even greater than I expected. Not only did Voyage give me the opportunity to actively participate in the development process of original film and TV projects, but it was also indeed a pleasant and refreshing experience working around colleagues with such great energy. I admire the creative spirit that keeps driving Voyage’s growth as an entertainment company that cherishes originality and artistic expressions.

- Iris (Boston University)

I can say without a doubt that Voyage Media is the most challenging and fun place I've ever worked at. Working with the core team was an absolute blast; I always felt like they genuinely cared about my input and made sure that my skills were put to their most effective use. Whether you're looking to learn more about film production, writing, design, or screen adaptation, Voyage has something to offer you. Plus, the friendly and fast-paced atmosphere is a great place to flex your creative muscles towards making content that really counts. Seriously, this place rocks.

--Jordan (University of Southern California)

About Voyage

Whether you are a filmmaker, screenwriter, author, or television commercial director, you know your story challenge is really two challenges. Movies, TV shows and branded entertainment don't just need to be dreamed up - they have to get born. This has always been the case. But today that second challenge is tougher than it's ever been, with an industry in turnaround, an economy in casualty and your potential audience fragmented across a hundred media. Voyage bridges the gap between existing industry players, ensuring your story not only gets crystallized but its chances of production, distribution, and audience success are dramatically enhanced through our unique combination of high-level mentorship, business savvy, design, creative and marketing skill sets.


Voyage Media, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

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