Camera Operator (w/ Equipment)

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Type: Live Event
Location: Bakersfield, CA
Salary: Paid $400 for the day.
Duration: June 23, 2017

Hello, Thank you for checking out my posting.

Live event: Graduation

This is very run and gun event because the company is a non profit and I was not able to get a prep day so I am trying to get everything together and prep everyone on the drive up. It's a fun group and we are all about getting the best product together. We will have three cameras covering the event: one master and two roaming. So it's a twelve hour day that is with four hours of travel time. So we will only be filming for 8 hours with half hour lunch. 1pm-1am. We will van pool everyone out there.

It is a non profits graduation ceremony that is being held at Cal State Bakersfield. There ceremony is between 7-9pm.

1pm Call time and departure from Silverlake in a van to Cal State Bakersfield.
3pm arrival and setup
4pm-6pm Sit down interviews
6pm to 6:30 lunch
6:30pm setup in gymnasium
7-9 Ceremony (Some on the fly interview while graduation is happening.)
9-10 Post interviews and on the fly interviews

We have two operators, we are looking for one more. One with a Scarlett Red dragon and 4.6k Ursa Mini.

I need a camera operator with own equipment.
*Either a Red Scarlett Dragon (or higher)or Ursa mini 4.6K. Needs to be one of these two cameras. w/ lenses. (one of the other cameras will be using Sigma Art lenses zoom f 1.8 (18-35 and 50-100)
*Tripod, and shoulder mount in order to go handheld to be a roaming camera.
*A good amount of media cards because the ceremony alone is two hours and we also need interviews and broll.

The rate is $400 for the day.

Please send equipment list and reels if interested need to hire by tomorrow. Thank you.

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