Audio Engineer (A1)

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Type: TV
Location: Jamaica
Salary: Paid Rates DOE, travel and accommodation expenses
Duration: Full time

The Audio Engineer (A1) will oversee all audio elements of NYRA TV’s production, which includes national TV programming on networks like Fox Sports 2


Oversee the live audio environment for the NYRA TV feeds, which utilize upwards of seven microphones and four playback machines and this includes monitoring audio feeds and signals to produce appropriate sound quality;

Need to be able to create and maintain interruptable foldback (IFB) for NYRA on-air talent
Daily fax checks of all microphones, consoles and studio equipment to be utilized by NYRA personnel;

Maintain knowledge of intercom systems, wireless equipment, and basic setup of audio matrices;

Need to work with the engineering and operations group to resolve any audio related problems in an expedient manner;

Help train operators on production procedures and specific show set-ups;

Help maintain audio consoles (software upgrades, etc…), mics, headsets, and other audio systems to ensure everything is always in proper working order, and perform routine cleaning;
Need to be able to create and oversee flow charts for all audio elements pertaining to NYRA TV programming;

Assist with recording of Talent Voice-Over.

Assist with the maintenance of stadium PA systems

Coordinate audio feeds with visiting broadcast trucks, including NBC Sports

Mix and regulate sound outputs and feeds, and synchronize audio feeds with TV pictures

Compress, digitize, duplicate and store audio data.


Education: Bachelors or Technical degree in a related field is preferred, however a combination of education and experience will be considered

Experience: 5+ years of experience with operating and maintaining audio equipment preferred

Other Requirements: Must have working knowledge of signal flow, wired and wireless audio systems; Mixing in a live and non-live environment and familiarity with Yamaha M7, Telos Hybrid, and audio delays; Must be available for weekdays, weekends, Holidays, and work flexible hours with reliable attendance.

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